“Start your day the Eggbert way!”
“An egg with a heart of gold
“The present was an egg laid by the past that had the future inside the shell”
“An egg with a heart of gold
“Egg-ceptional eggs– EVERYDAY!”

Urgent Notice!

It has been brought to our attention that fraudulent offerings have been made on Eggbert Eggs’ products.
Please ensure that your transactions are conducted with Eggbert Eggs’ staff ONLY.
Please note: Eggbert Eggs’ banking details have not been changed.


Eggbert Eggs (Pty) Ltd is a producer, packer and distributor of commercial and free range eggs.

The brand originated in Kwazulu-Natal more than 35 years ago as the brand of the then Natal Egg Co-Operative.

Food Safety

Eggbert guarantees its products to be free of antibiotics and hormones. When you buy Eggbert Eggs you can rest assured that the product is safe and healthy. 


Eggbert Eggs follows stringent procedures to ensure safe and effective production processes.

All Eggbert Eggs’ packstations are FSA accredited.

Sales & Marketing

We believe in open, honest dealings based on superior customer service. We deliver to meet our mutual needs and satisfy the requirements of our customers. 



Eggbert Eggs supplies commercial and free-range eggs in various egg sizes and various pack sizes.

At Eggbert Eggs we grade and pack our eggs as per the Agricultural Product Standards Act No 119 of 1990 as amended.

Our Eggbert brand can be found in the following packs.

Try our delicious recipes!

Angel Food Cake
Semi Sweet Chocolate Mousse
Breakfast Egg Muffin
Homemade pasta
Fried Egg Sandwich


“Eggs Help my baby Grow Great”

The Grow Great Campaign is a national campaign that is working towards the promotion of nutritional health in South Africa and seeks to encourage South Africans to work towards zero stunting by the year 2030. Eggbert Eggs is proud to support this fantastic campaign and their efforts. 

Find out more about the Grow Great campaign