Sometimes when I break an egg, there is a tiny red spot in the egg yolk. Is it a bad egg, should I through the egg away?

No, it is usually caused by a blood burst vessel on the egg during the forming process.

Why do egg shells differ in colour?

The colour of an egg depends on the breed of the chicken, as well as it’s health and diet. The contents of the eggs are all the same.

What size egg is referred to in recipes?

When egg sizes are not specified in recipes it is internationally accepted that large are indicated.

How and for how long should eggs be stored?

Raw egg mixture can be kept in the fridge for a day.

Can eggs be frozen?

Eggs can be frozen but not in their shells. Egg white can be frozen without any additions. Whole eggs (mixed thoroughly) freeze excellently with the following additions: For every 12 eggs add 5ml salt or 20ml sugar or 20ml honey or 10ml glycerine. Frozen eggs must be left to thaw before used.

The World’s Largest Egg!

Meet Harriet the Hen, current record holder of the World’s Largest Egg – this is why!

Length 5.8cm Length 11.43cm
Circumference* 13.97 Circumference* 23.11
Weight 75g Weight 163.01

*Circumference: The length of the egg if it were opened up and straightened out to a line segment.