All Eggbert Eggs’ packstations are FSA accredited.

Food safety has become an important factor in South Africa due to the implementation of certain minimum requirements by retailers, consumers and the Government. Producers and manufacturers are thus required to incorporate food safety programmes supported by a complete traceability system. Role players needs to know whether animal proteins or antibiotics were added to the animal feed of their preferred products.

Very few producers for example have a Salmonella risk programme in place, together with aspects such as preventative vaccination and routine testing of birds and eggs for pathogenic Salmonella. The implementation of a full traceability system linked to the quality control programme on all products was an essential step for Eggbert Eggs as we value the quality and safety of our products very highly.

Eggbert guarantees its products to be free of antibiotics and hormones. When you buy Eggbert Eggs you can rest assured that the product is safe and healthy. Our eggs are promptly transferred to our packstations where they undergo a quality evaluation by trained QC personnel and are then graded and packaged into various packs to suit our customer’s requirements.

Eggbert Eggs follows the prescribed food safety standards and guidelines in South Africa, including the Occupational Health and Safety Act, SANS 10330:2020 and SANS 10049:2019


    At Eggbert Eggs we greatly care about our flocks and it is therefore of great importance that we control and manage factors impacting their health and disease status. We follow a strict Veterinarian approved Health and Vaccine program to take immediate action against any first signs of disease.

    Strict access control programmes and procedures have been implemented to reduce / prevent any disease outbreaks on our farms. All visitors as well as staff are required to adhere to the programmes and procedures. Great emphasis are placed on the following:


    Only personnel working on the farm will be allowed normal day to day access to the farm and houses and are required to follow the Shower Work Instruction upon entering the farm and sites.



    Only essential and authorized visits will be allowed and all visitors are required to complete the Visitors Register and Questionnaire upon entering the farm. It is also compulsory for visitors to follow the Shower Work Instruction on entering and exiting the clean area to the farm.

    Footbaths are placed at every poultry house entrance and storage area, and contains a disinfectant liquid which should be used by all staff and visitors upon entering and exiting these areas.

    Equipment & Vehicles

    All vehicles and equipment are disinfected through fumigation or spray disinfection. Vehicle drivers and co drivers may not leave their vehicles unless they have gone through the correct access control.


    Predators & Wild Birds

    Bird proofing measures have been implemented to cause extensive discomfort for all wild birds entering our farms. Adhering to the above mentioned Bio-Security measures is a top priority at Eggbert Eggs in order to ensure that our clients are provided with safe, top quality products.