National Egg Month is in May

The power of the egg is something that many of us recognize every day at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a snack, which is why May month is recognized as National Egg Month.  National Egg Month is observed in May to remind people that eggs are a tasty and economical meal that can be enjoyed throughout the year, but especially during the winter. 

People have been depended on eggs as a source of protein and other essential elements as a component of a balanced diet since ancient times. Open a few and enjoy your preferred egg recipe if you adore eggs—on their own, boiled, poached, or fried, or whipped up into a quiche, frittata, or other delicacy!

When and why did people start eating eggs?

Since the beginning of human history, people have consumed eggs. Eggs have a long and varied history, and there are countless culinary uses for them. Let’s attempt to determine when, where, and why individuals have been consuming eggs.

When – Since the dawn of time as we know it.

Where – Wherever eggs could be found, that is. Everywhere in the world, different kinds of eggs are consumed. The most often eaten eggs are by far those from chickens.

Why? Due to their accessibility, high protein content, versatility in recipes (from simple boiled, fried, or stuffed to complex quiche, cakes, mayonnaise, desert, or meringue), and compatibility with meatless fasting days observed by many cultures and religions, chicken eggs make excellent protein sources.

Why are they referred to as eggs? The name of the egg can be traced to an ancient Indo-European source that is connected to terms meaning “bird.” The Middle English word ey (plural eyren) was derived from the Old English word oeg. But the related egg was taken from Old Norse in the thirteenth century. The two styles were in competition for a while (William Caxton asked, “What should a man write in these days now, eggs or eyren, certainly it is hard to please every man”), and it wasn’t until the late sixteenth century that the Norse form came out on top.


In Egg month we celebrate the egg and all its forms, nutritional advantages and flavour and we are so proud to be apart of the industry, and to be able to make our customers part of this event.