Why You Should Be Feeding Your Baby Eggs

The Health Benefits of Eggs for Babies’ Development

Yummy, healthy and good for brain health, what’s not to love about eggs?

That’s according to the latest publication of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which has shared the critical importance of eggs for brain development. The guideline has published advice recommending the inclusion of eggs in one’s diet, particularly for infants and young children. Eggs have been found to be an important food for growing children and babies, serving as valuable support for healthy brain development.

The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines For Americans offers advice on how to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, sharing what individuals should eat and drink in order to meet their nutrient needs, promote health and assist in preventing chronic diseases. This edition is noteworthy in that it is the first to offer guidance for healthy dietary patterns by life stage, offering information from birth to older adulthood.

The new USA guidelines confirm that eggs provide several key nutrients important for babies during the time in which their brains are rapidly developing. The guidelines emphasize the importance of choline, a nutrient in eggs. Just one large egg provides the daily choline needs for babies and toddlers, and two large eggs provide more than half of the daily choline needs for pregnant moms. Additionally, the early introduction of eggs may also assist in reducing the risk of developing an egg allergy.

The executive director of the AEB Egg Nutrition Center, Dr Mickey Rubin, explained the important value of Choline, “Choline is a nutrient under-consumed by all Americans, and the guidelines recommend eggs as a notable source of choline to support brain health and development during pregnancy. Additionally, establishing healthy eating patterns from the start ensures children’s growing bodies and brains get the nutrition they need.”

“The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans confirm what the science has shown: eggs provide critical nutritional support for brain health, and they play a crucial role in infant development and prenatal health,” said Emily Metz, the President and CEO of the American Egg Board. “With 90% of brain growth happening before kindergarten, eggs help make every bite count, especially when babies are just being introduced to solid foods.”

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