Eggbert part Africa’s biggest clean-up

Over the last 40 years our demand for the Earth’s resources has tripled. If this consumption pattern continues we would need two planet Earths to support our population of 8.5 billion people. The pressure plastic waste puts on the environment can be equal to a plastic-filled garbage truck being dumped in the ocean every minute. Therefore both the recycling and waste clean-up aspects were equally important to success of this initiative. 


“With Africa’s Biggest Cleanup Event, we hope to start addressing the root cause of the plastic problem, which is human behaviour.” – Lunga Schoeman, CSI spokesperson for Shoprite

The Eggbert team joined the act for change movement by assisting 3 schools in Vosloorus to clean up their school grounds and its surrounding areas. Each participating learner received a bottle of Thirsti water (sponsored by PFM/PFS) together with an Eggbert cap and warm blanket sponsored by Shoprite


The following schools were involved:


  • Erasmus Monareng Secondary School
  • Villa Liza Primary School
  • Bopang-Kgotso Primary School


 A R1,000.00 Checkers Gift Card was awarded to Erasmus Monareng Secondary School for collecting the most waste bags.


As part of Eggbert’s CSI initiatives, 30 dozen eggs were donated to each school. Eggbert will continue with this donation on a 2-weekly basis.


“I dream of our vast deserts, of our forests, of all our great wildernesses. We must never forget that it is our duty to protect this environment.” – Nelson Mandela