Fun and unique ideas for Easter Egg hunt

There are a ton of fantastic Easter egg hunts and Easter egg filling suggestions! There are a ton of creative ways to organize an Easter egg hunt for children or adults!


1 . Avoid the Easter egg hunt with candy.

Instead of sweets or toys, have youngsters fill Easter eggs with slips of paper that provide acceptable reward for them. Hide the eggs so that the children would only be rewarded for finding them.

  1. Extravaganza of Easter eggs

Each egg should include a slip of paper with a funny assignment, such as singing “Itsy Bitty Spider,” naming three red fruits, or performing a handstand. Make them enjoyable as this is an Easter egg hunt. The mission can be completed when the finder brings the egg back to you after finding it. Once they complete the assignment, they may either offer them sweets or a toy to choose from, or they can give them cash or tickets that they can trade for something more meaningful at the conclusion of the search.

Put varying quantities of points on the jobs if you wish to do this for older kids. Therefore, let’s assume that one egg is given the responsibility of naming ten states and their capitals, which is worth 10 points, while another egg is given the task of singing “I’m a tiny teapot,” which is worth 5 points.  Count your points so you may “purchase” anything at the conclusion of the search.

  1. Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Create hints that drive your children rushing around the yard or house in search of the next place they’ll discover a clue. Put a number on each egg and conceal the clues inside of them so that anyone searching won’t accidently miss one. Make the bigger prize—one for each child or one that everyone may share—the final destination of the clues.

  1. Easter Egg Hunt with Golden Tickets

If you have many children, you may hide a golden ticket inside each egg for a Willy Wonka-inspired Easter egg hunt. For example, if you have three children, there would be three eggs with golden tickets inside. Inform your children that there is only one golden ticket to be found. If they discover a golden ticket, they can exchange it right away (or after the quest is ended) for a greater reward.